Libi & Lola

Libi & Lola
is where quality fashion and custom jewelry can be found! Hello to all the beautiful ladies out there who like to add a little sparkle and accessory to their style personality.

You might be wondering where the name of the brand comes from. I tell everyone Libi & Lola are my personal style alter egos, one is my business and professional daily style and the other is my sexy and sassy side that can’t stay away from the red lipstick and a statement necklace. Everyone has them, can you identify yours?!

Libi is the sophisticated and subtle side. She likes to keep it practical and usually reaches for a dainty necklace, lightweight studs and a blazer to polish off the look.

On the contrary, Lola is the sassy, sexy side! She is the bubbly attitude and has a love for dangle drop colorful earrings, chain link bracelets, statement necklaces and four inch heels.

My aim is to offer pieces that can be relatable to everyone’s style. We update our blog Hot Pink Day with new products and style ideas, come follow along. Stop by often to Libi & Lola as our stock is forever changing. XO

~ Megan Diaz

All my jewelry & Design Material is purchased from suppliers within the United States to ensure all Nickel & Lead Compliance's are met and Quality is the highest available.

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